Aaj zindgi ke panno ne kuch karwat lee,

Mujhe muskurane ki fer ek wajah se di.

Tere saath hone ke ehsaas ne,

Mujhe zeene ki fer ek wajah se di.


Will she stay little longer?

Knock knock

Me – who is it?


Me – Where were you? I was missing you.

She – OH REALLY! You left me alone.

Me – No! When? Where?

She – When you were BUSY…
Collecting your degrees;
Securing your future;
Beating your deadlines;
Solving the mystery called life;
Preaching people the sense of self worth;
Analysing your love, lust, infatuation and desires.
The list is too long to tell. I just knocked to bid adieu.

Me – mmmmm
“Stay with me for little longer,
Your presence makes me stronger,
You give me strength to fly higher,
You are the food for my thoughtful hunger,
With you everything is enthralling even the blunder.
Please, stay with me little longer.
I still have many fears to conquer,
You are the expression of my conscience thunder,
I know, now you don’t bother,
But trust me you are the reason of my utmost pleasure
Will you stay with me little longer??”

A long lost proposal 

From dawn to dusk I think of you,
My heart skips beat just for you.
Hey, Do you have time to live with me?
I won’t take much of your time.
Only till my hair turn grey,
And my vision fades away.
Till the time I know my name,
And my soul has flame.

Jaan, will you spend rest of your life with me???
Will you be mine for ever forever???

-8 Feb’16

All about Doing Nothing

Churning my soul, introspecting myself,
Looking for someone, but found None…

My weaknesses were my strength,
Though my strengths were None…

Ample efforts to look for that zing,
But fun can be defined by None…

Love has its own charm,
And it repels None…

My heart wants to hear my instinct,
However it says None…

Tears or Smile expresses emotions,
Excuse me! But I have None…

Trying to understand this life,
So many things to discover and I know None…

Scribbling my thoughts,short of words,
All I can say is …NONE.


Welcome to my life’s wardrobe

I opened my closet and found my life and relations in it. It has many sections but with the time it get messy. Today I am trying to organize it. Let’s go………..

 First section keeps my Daily wear; I don’t have to think too much about this section. This section has all the natural fabric stuff……. Ordinary and simple but this is the place where I am most comfortable. It might not be that much trendy but I know whatever the season is it will always have something for me. (FAMILY)

Second one is my Casual wear; little trendy, little stylish but still comfortable, don’t have to pretend anything. This section has all the stuff which knows what suits me and my mood. When I am confuse this is the only section where I can look back to (FRIENDS).

Third one is my Formal wear; when it’s official I have to maintain my grace. I have to think about this section to keep it smart and stylish. Just can’t afford any kind of ignorance here. Comfort or discomfort has little place. I have to turn all kind of discomforts into comfort own my own. (COLLEAGUES and BOSS)

Fourth one is Party wear; I have to think a lot about it. Some time they are uncomfortable but they are trendy and in fashion and I have to keep it lively; after all it makes me look good. I myself don’t know when and which one will become important to me. (RELATIVES and SOCIETY)

Fifth one is Not my type wear; initially it seems attractive but later I realized that they are not my types or sometime I get it as a gift. Kept it in one corner of the closet but don’t know how they always get mixed up with every other section. This stuff is uncomfortable, I can’t wear it but they themselves come into my hands. More I avoid more they come back to me. (FEUD-CREATORS and IRRITANTS)

Sixth one is One time wear; liked it so bought it but never got a chance or exact place to wear it or wore it only once. Looked at them, smiled at them and kept them again in the same place. It might be of no use but still makes me feel good. This section got a special soft corner in my heart. Don’t know why? (CRUSH and AFFECTIONS)

Seventh one is Dream wear; whenever got a chance I am going to get and wear such stuff, one day I will design it in my own way. It will be of my style only. This section is special to me after all it has my tag on it. (FUTURE DREAMS and FANTASIES)

It seems that it is arranged now, at least it doesn’t look messy anymore.
Thank you for the help……………………… 🙂


“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”
– Kevin Arnold
4 o’clock in the morning.

Dark night, soothing breeze and a deep silence.

A big balcony on the top floor of a building. A man sitting on an easy chair, closing his eyes, resting his neck on the back of the chair. Placing his Left hand on the handle of the chair and right hand on his left chest.

Balcony is attached to a bedroom with a big door. A girl wearing just a plain white sheet around her underarms comes out from the bedroom. She is trying to tie her messed up hair and putting her flicks behind her ears with her hands full of mehandi and chura.

She came near to the man. Watches him for a while then with the back of her fingers gently touches his whiskers. The man doesn’t react. She turns back. Man holds her palm tightly but doesn’t open his eyes. Girl smiles, stands still for a while then she turns toward him and sits on his lap, placing her cheek on his left chest. Man holds her in his arms nicely. She perfectly fits into his arm. Then follows a deep silence.

Man utters a story in a slow gentle voice……….

Once stars asked night-“Do you know what love is?”
Night replied- “Love is YOU and ME. Completing and complimenting each other.”

Stars asked- “Dose love really complete us?”
Night replied- “How does a night look without stars or stars without night.”

Stars asked – “Why love is so complex can’t it be simple?”
Night replied- “Love is simple, it’s we who make it so complex by blind expectations.”

Stars asked – “Why love is blind?”
Night replied – “Love is not blind. Crush, affection and infatuation can be blind but yes love just slumber the soul.”

Stars asked – “Is it necessary to lose senses in love?”
Night replied- “It is not about losing senses it is about surrendering soul. Trusting someone to the extent that you trust the divine power of yourself”

Stars asked – “What if your love leaves your alone?”
Night replied – “…….. never ……. ………alone. But …. just ………………”

Stars asked – “why…..love …….. …….. ….. tears?
Night replied – “….. …….. ……. ……. ……. ……. …. ….. ………… …… ….. …….. …… ………. …….. ……… ………. …..”

By the time it got complete girl was actually sleeping. While sleeping the peace, charm and brightness on her face was more than that of millions of splendid stars in the sky…………………….

“Its been 45 yrs now but I still remember his heart beat. I don’t remember his words but I remember the feel of his each touch, the rest in his arms, the eyes that slumber my soul, the amorous in his voice, the graze of his lips and the sense of his stench is still fresh for me.

I am trying to complete his sentences but every time I am left uncompleted. But when I close my eyes, I don’t find any obligation for completing it. He is not with me anymore but when I close my eyes I found him close to me. The feeling of his presence itself completes every sentence of my life………… 🙂 ”


And a Tear fell once again

And a tear fell once again
As the memories trail once again

A sip of coffee and your never ending story
A chocolate truffle and our hearts shuffle
A rainy day and games those eyes play

And then life took its toll
Crushing my own soul
I had to play another role

It was no ones wish
And time slipped as fish
Later feelings became bookish

I know nothing can be done now
You are far as stars now
But seems so close don’t know how?

No not blaming you at all
Just sulking for this day to end
Or no matter if this life comes to an END.

But nothing ends
Only the memories trail
And a tear fell once again.